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Financing Appraisals
Banks and mortgage companies use Capital Real Estate Advisors, Inc. to meet all of their real estate appraisal needs. We have certified residential and general appraisers on staff to handle the valuation of any residential or commercial property. We are experienced in the valuation of single family, high value and complex residential properties, multi-family, mixed-use, commercial, industrial and institutional real estate as well as vacant land. Our reports conform to current federal regulation and we strive to prepare the highest quality reports in a timely manor. We believe communication is the key to our success and we are committed to communicating with and understanding our client’s unique guidelines and needs.

Review and Quality Control
In the lending industry, appraisal reviews are becoming more important in the loan process and for quality control. Banks, mortgage companies, and attorneys rely on Capital Real Estate Advisors, Inc. to provide independent real estate appraisal reviews of residential, multi-family, mixed use and commercial appraisals. Our appraisers expertly report their review results on any of the common review forms, client specific review forms, or in narrative format in accordance with the client’s specific guidelines. Our appraisers review the market, income and cost approaches to determine applicability and accuracy. In review of the market approach, our appraisers analyze comparable sales as well as current listings and pending sales in the subject’s market area as of the date of the appraisal. In review of the income approach, our appraisers analyze any contract rents for the subject property as well as market rents, pending rents and asking rents from the market as of the date of the appraisal. We analyze the appraiser’s development of the Gross Rent Multiplier and Capitalization Rate, determine accuracy and applicability and check the market for comparable data. In review of the cost approach, our appraisers analyze the market for land sales, as well as current listings and pending sales in the subject’s market area as of the date of the appraisal. We also examine the cost and depreciation figures and report on their accuracy.

Tax Assessment Appeal and Consulting
It is not uncommon for residential and commercial real estate owners to be paying large real estate tax bills or have large increases in real estate taxes from year to year. Because real estate taxes are based on the assessed value of the subject property, it is important to know if the property is assessed correctly. If the property is assessed to high, you may be paying more than your fair share of the real estate taxes. Our appraisers will analyze the current real estate market, and expertly prepare an appraisal of the subject property as well as provide expert testimony and guidance in the assessment appeal process.

Lawyers use Capital Real Estate Advisors, Inc. for expertly prepared real estate appraisal reports and expert witness testimony for legal disputes, litigation support, estate planning, estate settlement, divorce, and bankruptcy, wills, and assessment appeals. We can complete valuations as of the current date or valuations as of a certain date, such as date of death or separation. We realize that there are sometimes difficulties completing the appraisal or gaining access to the property or specific information about the subject property. We make every effort to communicate with you and your client to make the appraisal process as stress free as possible and to accommodate your client’s specific needs.

Accountants and Financial Advisors
Accountant and financial advisors use Capital Real Estate Advisors, Inc. to prepare real estate appraisals for estate and financial planning, wills, IRS and bankruptcy purposes. We can complete valuations as of the current date or valuations as of a certain date, such as date of death. We realize that sometimes clients are apprehensive about the appraisal process and we are conscious of our role and how it affects everyone involved. We feel that communication with you and your client is crucial for appraisal process to be as stress free as possible and we make every effort to accommodate you and your client’s specific needs.

Appraisal Management
With advancements in technology and the internet, banks and mortgage companies have spread their wings and begun lending throughout the country. Our appraisal management services have become a useful tool for lending institutions in managing the appraisal process. Lenders no longer need to have a relationship with an appraiser in every town to process an appraisal in every town. Capital Real Estate Advisors can handle the appraisal process though our network and certified appraisers throughout the country. We send all appraisals to you in digital format including PDF and AI to ensure their timely delivery. We are committed to communication and will keep you informed throughout the entire appraisal process. We can also have a certified general appraiser with an SRA and ASA designations sign each report as a supervisor if required.