Donald E. Dion, Jr., SRA, ASA
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Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida

Fees provide are for a standard form appraisal on properties estimated to be less than $500,000.

Fees can vary based on location, complexity and volume of orders. For an exact price, please contact us.

Additional fees apply for expert witness testimony.

Single family $350.00
Condominium $350.00
Duplex $500.00
Triplex $550.00
Quad $600.00
Desk Review - Single Family $175.00
Desk Review - 2-4 Family $250.00
Desk Review – Commercial Subject to fee quotation
Field Review Subject to fee quotation
Re-inspection $150.00
Desk Top $70.00
Residential >$1,000,000 Subject to fee quotation
Non-Residential, Commercial
Industrial, Etc.
Subject to fee quotation